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Shell and tube are only one of a wide range of our heat exchangers. Whether your need is for heating, cooling, condensing or evaporating liquids, gases or a combination of both, we have the expertise.
All finned tube exchangers are available in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials and are custom built in the UK. Many of them are used to heat air in process industries, utilising steam, hot water or thermal fluids.
To date, the smallest coded exchanger we have designed and built. It is not always imperative, however where applicable, our exchangers will meet PED, BS and ASME requirements, with or without the involvement of third party Inspectorates.

We welcome the unusual. This airblast water cooler was designed to meet the limitations of size and pressure drop of an existing vacuum pump. We fitted it at a chemical works during the Christmas shut-down.
Plate exchanger utilising high temperature gas to pre-heat combusion air. We supply either plate or tubular gas: gas recuperators which are suitable up to 750C.
A stainless steel, ASME VIII kettle reboiler, built for a brewery. In addition to the food and drink industries, we are regular supplier to process, pharmaceutical and chemical companies. We welcome enquiries from all markets.
When I were a lad, we didn't have fancy computers to design our heat exchangers. We looked up data in tables and used slide-rules and, as a result, we understood the basics. Now, with various computer programs and decades of experience in some of the major UK heat transfer companies, you can be confident as well as benefit from our vast know-how.
You don't see what you want? Email, fax or phone and it's likely we can help or, if not, tell you who can.
Competitive prices, quick deliveries, product quality and dedicated service from enquiry to delivery are only some of the benefits of dealing with Invent Heat Transfer.

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